Composite Fillings

At Mercy Dental, we offer white, composite fillings for tooth repair as a cosmetic dentistry treatment. No more metal or mercury fillings – maintain a white smile with tooth repairs completed using a composite resin that is safe, durable and can be color matched to your teeth.

For many decades, tooth fillings were typically completed using amalgam, a metal filling material that contains a high amount of mercury. Amalgam is still used for fillings, but the unappealing appearance and concern about the amount of mercury it contains has made it less popular among dental patients. Composite fillings are now preferred by most patients, offering a durable repair material that blends into the smile, without any mercury or other metals. Composite fillings also require less tooth material to be removed than amalgam fillings when repairing decay, promoting better tooth health.

What is a Composite Resin?

White fillings are made from composite resin, a blend of plastics, glass and other materials. This dental resin can be molded or applied in layers to replace missing tooth material. Composite resin is soft and easily formed to fill cavities, cracks or to cosmetically alter the shape of a tooth. Once it is applied to the tooth, it is hardened using a special light. Composite fillings can last for decades and are more flexible than amalgam, putting less stress on the tooth structure.

Composite resin or fillings are used in repairing teeth. The resin can also be used in dental bonding for cosmetic purposes. Dental resin can be used to change the shape of teeth or cover discolorations, creating a new surface on flawed teeth. It is less expensive than dental veneers and can be applied in one visit to cosmetically fix many small dental flaws.

Keep your smile white with the help of composite fillings for dental repairs. To learn more about how composite fillings can help improve your smile, contact Mercy Dental today to schedule a checkup and consultation with Dr. Doris Doleyres.

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