Many people you meet every day are wearing dentures, but all you see is a beautiful smile. Dentures have been used for centuries to replace missing teeth for function and appearance. At Mercy Dental in Edinburg, we are happy to help our patients restore their smiles with quality, comfortable dentures.

If you are considering dentures for the first time, you may be concerned about how your new teeth will look and feel. Whether you need only a few teeth replaced or want a complete mouth reconstruction, dentures can be an affordable, beautiful option. Modern dentures are much more natural appearing and comfortable than their predecessors, giving you back a full smile and an improved quality of life.

Complete dentures replace both your upper and lower sets of teeth. This means all your teeth must be gone or removed to fit the dentures. If you are having your remaining teeth removed, you can opt to have immediate dentures that are created before your final extractions. You can then wear your new dentures right away, giving you a new smile. Some adjustments will be needed once your gums heal from the extractions, but you will be able to have a full set of teeth immediately after your extractions.

Conventional or traditional dentures are made once the teeth are removed and the gums are completely healed. This can mean living without teeth for months, so many people prefer immediate dentures for their first set.

Partial Dentures

If you are only missing a few teeth on the bottom or top, partial dentures can be an option. Partial dentures fit around your existing teeth to hold them in place. This is an affordable solution to replacing missing teeth and giving support to your existing teeth to help keep them in place.

If you live in Hidalgo County and are considering restoring your smile, contact Mercy Dental today to schedule an appointment. We offer beautiful partial and complete dentures to give you back a beautiful smile.

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