Halitosis Treatment

Do people take a step back when you are talking face to face? Bad breath can be embarrassing and interfere with your social and professional interactions. If you have been told you have halitosis or you are aware that you have chronic bad breath, come see us at Mercy Dental. We can help find the source of your bad breath and give you general dental treatment for your halitosis.

Halitosis is more than just the occasional foul breath from eating certain foods. Chronic bad breath does not go away, even when you brush your teeth or use mouthwash. The cause is usually bacteria that are living in your mouth or an oral infection. Not only do these bacteria create a bad odor, they are alerting the world that something is wrong in your mouth. To treat the halitosis, we must first find the source of the odor and remedy the dental problem.

Treatment for Bad Breath

If you have a gum infection or gum disease, it can cause bad breath. Also, decayed or infected teeth can release a bad odor. To stop the bad breath, you need to fix the dental issue. Removing the decay or receiving treatment for gum disease can often cure halitosis; once the infection or decay is gone, so is the source of the odor.

The first step to finding the cause of your chronic bad breath is to contact Mercy Dental today and come in for a checkup. Dr. Doris Doleyres will complete a comprehensive exam to determine if there are any oral issues causing the bad odor. In most cases, a dental issue is to blame, and once fixed, so is the halitosis. However, if Dr. Doleyres gives you a clean bill of oral health, she will refer you to a physician to further explore the cause of your halitosis, as it may be internal.

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