Root Canal Therapy

When infection reaches the inner sanctum of the canals of the teeth, it can be painful. Trauma to the tooth, decay or other issues can allow infection to enter the pulp inside the canals of the tooth and impact the nerve roots. When this occurs, the tooth can be at risk of extraction and the pain can be excruciating for some people. Root canal therapy can stop the pain and save the tooth, restoring your oral health. As part of our general dentistry treatments, Mercy Dental offers gentle, effective root canals to stop the pain and discomfort of infected teeth.

Endodontics, or root canal therapy, involves removing the pulp and nerve roots from the canals of the tooth. Teeth can have between one and four canals, depending on the size of the tooth. Once the infected tooth material is removed, the canals are disinfected and resealed with a substance called gutta-percha. Since much of the tooth material is removed during this procedure, it is recommended that the tooth is covered with a dental crown to protect it from damage and to improve its appearance.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Many people hear the term “root canal” and immediately conjure up an image of a painful dental procedure. However, modern root canals differ quite a bit from those performed only a decade or more ago. The improved imagery and equipment available have made this procedure quicker and less painful; in fact, it is the best way to stop infected tooth pain without losing the tooth. There is little to no pain during the procedure and only a slight soreness as it heals after the treatment.

If you have a painful, infected tooth, contact Mercy Dental today for your appointment. We offer the latest technology to perform effective root canals quickly and with very little discomfort. Payment plans are available and we offer sedation dentistry for your procedure.

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