Same Day Dentistry

When you need to see a dentist right away for dental treatment, give us a call at Mercy Dental in Edinburg. We are your source for fast dental appointments in the Hidalgo County area. Our team leaves extra space in our schedule to accommodate emergency dental appointments. If we have time left in our day, you can take advantage of our creative scheduling and get seen the same day.

While we advocate making dental appointments in advance whenever possible, you cannot plan for a dental emergency or other issues. If a filling falls out or your child breaks their tooth on the playground, you need to see a dental professional right away. Do not bother heading to the ER or a medical urgent care facility. They are not equipped to handle most dental emergencies. Just call us – we have same day availability, especially for dental emergencies.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

It does not need to be an urgent issue for you to get a same day appointment. Maybe you are just behind on your preventive dental care or finally have time to explore getting a chipped tooth fixed. Just call our office and ask if we can see you today. If we have time, we will fit you into the schedule and address your dental concern. If we do not have any room that day, we will find you a prompt appointment at the next available time.

Dental care is something many people avoid until they are in pain or need a repair. We understand that at Mercy Dental, and leave space to handle these last-minute dental needs. Of course, we recommend and advise our patients to keep up with routine dental care to prevent emergency issues and protect their oral health year round. But if you need a same day appointment, contact Mercy Dental now. Often, we can see you that day.

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