Teeth Whitening

Do your teeth look dull or even off color? A bright smile is a wonderful asset to have, but often the foods and beverages you consume or tobacco products you use change the appearance of your smile. Even brushing regularly and routine cleanings cannot always keep your teeth as white as you would prefer. Enjoy a white, gorgeous smile again with professional teeth whitening from Mercy Dental. We can help you restore the natural beauty of your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth do not stay white without a little help. The enamel on your teeth is porous and can change color with age and exposure to dark-colored substances. Whether you love your morning coffee or a glass of red wine in the evening, or maybe you are a smoker, those dark pigments can leave stains on your teeth that won’t go away with brushing alone. Teeth whitening can bleach away the stains and leave you with a smile that looks healthy, youthful and beautiful in just a few days.

Professional Grade Teeth Bleaching

While there are many products available over the counter that claim to whiten your teeth, you want to protect the health of your smile. Not all retail whiteners are safe or effective. At Mercy Dental, we use professional grade teeth bleaching gel with customized dental trays that are formed to your teeth. We create the dental trays from impressions of your teeth which you can use at home with the bleaching agent to get an even, white smile. We ensure that the bleaching agents we use are safe for your teeth and will lighten your smile several shades.

Whitening your smile is one of the quickest ways to improve your appearance. It can make some people look years younger, or give our younger patients a more attractive smile. If you are interested in obtaining a whiter smile, contact us today to learn more about our professional teeth bleaching at Mercy Dental.

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