Tooth Pain Relief

When you have pain in a tooth or in your jaw, it can be hard to concentrate, sleep or do any of your normal routine. Oral or dental pain can be distracting and overcome your mind. When you have tooth or jaw pain, do not hope it will go away on its own. Call our experienced staff at Mercy Dental – we will get you an appointment to see Dr. Doris Doleyres for an exam and pain treatment.

If your tooth hurts, there is something wrong. The nerve roots are located inside the canals of teeth – if they are signaling pain, there is something affecting the inner portion of the tooth. Usually, it is infected and decay or damage has impacted the pulp and nerves inside the canal. A cracked or broken tooth can be repaired; infected teeth can be saved through root canal therapy. Even severe decay can be removed. Whatever is causing the pain, Dr. Doleyres and our team can find the issue and offer a dental treatment to relieve your tooth pain.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is common, often due to damage to the jaw joint. TMJ or TMD involves damage to the joint or muscles surrounding the jaw, often causing pain and other symptoms. Other reasons for jaw pain can be a misalignment of your bite or nocturnal teeth grinding.

Treatment for relieving jaw pain depends on what is causing the pain. If teeth grinding or TMJ issues are the cause, a dental nightguard may be the best solution. If misalignment of the bite is causing discomfort, orthodontics or an occlusal adjustment may relieve your pain.

If you have oral pain in a tooth or in the jaw region, contact Mercy Dental
as soon as possible. We can diagnose the issue and ensure you get relief from your pain. We accept most dental insurance and have flexible payment options for your convenience.

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