Restorative Dentistry

When you lose some or all your teeth, your quality of life and health can change. You may feel embarrassed to smile or interact in social situations due to your lack of teeth. Your face can appear sunken, looking older. Plus, missing teeth can affect speech and chewing, changing the way you talk and what foods you eat. Restorative dentistry can give you back your complete smile, improving your appearance, confidence and health. At Mercy Dental, we are happy to help our patients restore their smile with our restorative services, including:


Losing teeth to trauma or disease can start a chain of events if they are not replaced. Removing even one tooth leaves space in your mouth, allowing other teeth to begin shifting out of place. Without proper dental treatments, this can cause crooked teeth that are hard to keep healthy and may cause bite alignment issues. Replacing missing teeth can stop this progression, giving the mouth structure and preventing shifting that can lead to further tooth loss. For individual tooth loss, we offer partial dentures and dental bridges at Mercy Dental to restore the smile and improve the overall oral health of our patients.

Complete Dental Restorations

When most of your teeth are gone, a complete dental restoration is needed. If you have lived without most of your teeth, you have needed to limit the foods you can eat and may feel self-conscious of your speech or appearance. Undergoing a complete smile restoration can vastly improve your quality of life and health. We offer full or complete dentures that can give you back a beautiful smile – probably the best smile you have had in many years. Plus, you can eat the healthy foods you love and feel confident to interact with others again.

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